Finding Ways to Measure the
Complexity of an API Design

ASC 2021, Stephen Mizell

Hi, I'm Stephen Mizell

I've worked in the API world since around 2014. I started working at Apiary building API design and collaboration tools. I left there for Autodesk where I built APIs and helped them with their internal API standards. After that, I worked at SmartBear on SwaggerHub, another API design and collaboration tool, working as a Director of Product Management for their API design and workflow features. I now work as a consultant for interesting API companies like Superface and Optic. | | @Stephen_Mizell

Upcoming book, API by Design

I'm releasing a book on September 30, 2021 called API by Design that goes deeper and covers more topics than we'll get to today.

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How complexity works
Complexity in schemas
References and complexity
Understanding our resource relationships
Gathering metrics